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Deng Qingsheng Investigated and Guided the Rural Revitalization Work in Yuping County

From Aug. 19th to 20th,2021, Deng Qingsheng, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee and the dean of Guizhou Vocational College of Agriculture, went to Ginkgo Village and Changling Village, Yuping County to investigate the rural revitalization situation and visited the secretaries of the party committee, Long Jianming and Xiao Yu, who was delegated and lived in the village.



Qingko Village Committee


Changling village committee

At Ginkgo village, long ling village committee, after Dean Deng respectively listened to reports of the village secretary, Long Jianming and xiao yu on consolidating and expending the effect of shaking off poverty, relevant rural revitalization work and future development planning, praised them because of their hard work to express the college’s caring and supporting toward them, encouraged them to do a good job of rural revitalization, help rural building industry, constantly consolidate poverty crucial achievements, efforts, try to let the villagers live a happy life.

Soon afterwards, Deng Qingsheng and his delegation, accompanied by Zhang Yuntao, Party Secretary of Tianping Town, Yuping County. His delegation visited some bases, such as the white tea planting base, running mountain pig breeding base, Heitang Reservoir, Huangtao planting base and grasshopper breeding base in Changling Village, and son on.

Finally, Deng Qingsheng urged the two first secretaries that the development of industry is the best solution to the problem. Based on the characteristic advantages and resource endowment, find the rich industry, rely on the advantages of technical and talent resources, constantly expand the village collective economy and stimulate the endogenous development power of the village.