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The Competition of “Vegetable Grafting” was Successfully Concluded in Guizhou Vocational College of Agricultural
--(Secondary Vocational Group) in the National Vocational College Skills Competition in 2021

    The closing ceremony of the “Vegetable Grafting” competition (secondary vocational group) of the national vocational college skills competition was held in Guizhou Vocational College of Agricultural on the afternoon of June 26th.

The leaders attended the closing ceremony.

The main leaders from different departments attended the closing ceremony. Such as Xu Chenggao, an inspector of Guizhou Province Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs; Hu Xiao, a vocational investigator of Provincial Department of Education Office. Jiang Ping, Qingzhen Vocational Education City Management Committee Deputy Director; Liu Yuguo, the Party Secretary of Guizhou Vocational College of Agricultural; Deng Qingsheng, the President of the school; the competition expert group members, the supervising arbitration group members, the referee group members, the leaders of each participating team, the instructor, and the contestants participated in the closing ceremony. Deng Qingsheng presided over the closing ceremony.

In his speech, Liu Yuguo, on behalf of the organizing school Guizhou Agricultural Vocational College, expressed warm congratulations to the participating colleges and contestants who have made excellent achievements in the competition, and expressed heartfelt thanks to all the leaders, experts and friends from all walks of life who have paid close attention to the competition. He also showed his sincere respect to all the working staff who have worked silently.








Xu Chenggao announced the closing of the competition.







 Liu Yuguo delivered a speech.


Deng Qingsheng presided over the closing ceremony.



Comments by You Weizhong









Ma Zhihu announced the results of the competition and the list of winners.









Xu Chenggao gave the first prize contestant a prize.









Hu Xiao awarded prizes to the second prize winners and the excellent instructors.

Jiang Ping presented prizes to the third prize winners.