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Briefings of the Vocational Skill Certificate Test of 1+X Food Safety Evaluation in Department of Food and Medicine in

On May 22nd, the Vocational Skill Certificate Test of 1+X Food Safety Evaluation started as scheduled. 146 Students of three majors (Food and Medicine Administration, Food Nutrition and Testing, Food Processing Technology)in our department took part in this Test, 130 of which were from Grade 2019 and 16 of which were from Grade 2018.

Teacher and students made great efforts to prepare for this Test and overcame many difficulties. From May 17th to May 21st, our department organized necessary training before the test. (including 20 lessons of theoretical and simulation training, 20 lessons of practical training of physical testing and chemical analysis and 20 lessons of practical training on the microbial testing)

This test is organized with the help of all the teachers and students in our department, who played very important parts. Before the test, many necessary measures had been taken to ensure that the test sessions go smoothly.146 students in Department of Food and Medicine,on the basis of voluntary participation, had tested their ability in this test, which was organized well and went smoothly without any vibrations of rules and regulations.

The work of backing up videos of examination halls has been done and the summary about this test has been prepared so far, laying a good foundation for future work.

Preparation for the microbial testing 

Students are having a simulation Test







Practical assessments of the physical testing and chemical analysis



Practical Assessments of the microbial testing